Black Array is a vigilante superhero who fights crime and occasionally helps out the PSI-Ops Department. He is the older brother of the superhero Astro, and the son of the supervillain Convection. Black Array's powers increase as he gets closer to his brother. THIS CHARACTER IS UNDER RECONSTRUCTION! THE BROTHER OF ASTRO IS BEING CHANGED INTO A DIFFERENT CHARACTER, AND BLACK ARRAY'S ABILITIES MAY BE GIVEN TO A NEW CHARACTER, POSSIBLY A VILLAIN.

Powers Edit

Black Array's powers are drawn from two sources, the first being his family's genetic flight, and his own unique control of an array of alternate dimensions that he can access. Using portals, Black Array can teleport people to a few different worlds outside of our own(though it is possible, with immense amounts of strength, the break out back into our world), as well as draw power from chaos dimensions, where energy flows endlessly. By accessing these dimensions, Black Array is able to use explosive energy attacks of several varieties.

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