This is where characters will be dumped. They will hyperlink to their pages for more info.

The format is;

Name/Alias - alignment/group affiliation

If no name is known, skip it.

* - Indicates a character is to be elaborated on by Callum

PSI-Ops Superheroes Edit

Eric Henry Holt/Telek - *

Mal -

Prometheus - *

The Captain - Founding Seven

Overgrowth - Founding Seven

Architect - Founding Seven*

Brainstorm - Founding Seven

Titan - Founding Seven

Collateral - Founding Seven*

Anne/Perfectionist - Founding Seven

Zodiac - *

Captain Orgasmo -

Astro - *

Vigilante Superheroes Edit

Dmitri Sokolov/Roulette - *

Black Array - *

Supervillains Edit

John Doe/Misnomer - *

Captain Jurassic/Dinosorceror -

Genocide -

Convection - *

Non-Supers/Civies Edit

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