There are many powers known to the members of the PSI-Ops Department. They come in all kinds of forms, this is just a small list of the known powers wielded by supers in the PSI-Ops Department universe.

In the future, I might alphabetize the list or add some kind of organization Edit

Psychic Awareness - nearly everyone in the PSI-Ops universe that possesses a superpower has at least a small degree of psychic awareness. This allows them to detect the energy put off by other superhumans, although the range and clarity vary from person to person. Some people can detect from far away, some only short range, some people can tell others apart by the "frequency" of the psychic energy, others can only detect the energy in general.



Telekinesis - in the context of this universe, telekinesis is about levitating things and pushing and pulling stuff.

Psychokinesis - in the context of this universe, psychokinesis is about exploding things mentally.

Sonokinesis - in the context of this universe, sonokinesis is the ability to manipulate sound waves and use them in combat.



Mass Alteration


Dinosaur Summoning

Random Powers(see Roulette)




Structure Replication

Appearance Alteration(see Misnomer)

Objective Analysis/Claircognizance(see Perfectionist/Socrates) - in the context of this universe, objective analysis is the ability to analyze any object and understand its full potential simply by touching it . It also grants the user the ability to use it to that potential, even with a lack of previous experience.

Excessive Saliva

Force-field Projection

Vibration Emission

Various Degrees of Magic

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