Eric Henry Holt, also known as Telek, is one of the first members in the second wave of admissions to the PSI-Ops Department, and possesses powerful telekinetic abilities. Eric is mired by a sense of inadequacy regarding his powers, he thinks his powers aren't powerful enough. Because of this, he is always pushing his powers as far as they will go, attempting to make his powers evolve. This has led his telekinetic abilities to blossom to include psychokinesis, limited flight, and bolstered strength.

Powers Edit

Telek's abilities revolve around telekinesis and psychokinesis, giving him the ability to attack people from a distance and throw them around. He also tends to get physical when fighting, using his TK and PK abilities to boost his strength. While concentrating very hard, he can use telekinesis on himself, allowing him to hover and fly short distances through great effort.

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